The Really Brothers design studio was founded in Brooklyn, New York by Omid Sadri and Michael Weaker.

The studio focused on toy design with a balance of humor and ingenuity resulting in the Obos brand and product line.

Obos were successfully manufactured, marketed, and licensed from 2011-2015.
















The Obos toy system was developed to reduce the environmental impact of mass-produced character toy lines without sacrificing play value.


Minimal Packaging

An innovative strip-wrap paper packaging solution reduces waste, displays marketing graphics and instructions, and is a joy to open - like pulling the string on a pack of chewing gum.

FSC Certified

By using only paper and engineered paperboard in the packaging and product, all parts of Obos could be made from responsibly-sourced materials, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

100% Recyclable

Really Brothers engineering work led to numerous processing achievements giving Obos strength, durability, and even water resistance notwithstanding their paper-based core material. Even for long-lasting products it is good to know that they can be recycled in the end. 

How Obos Work:





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